Directions to the Dojo

     At Alpha UPKUDO, we are dedicated to providing you with the full fitness experience. At our newly expanded 9,000 square foot facility, we offer a wide variety of classes throughout the day, five days a week, noon, and at night. From Senior Fitness, beginner's kickboxing, children's personal training classes, stretch/fitness classes for adults and teens and children's karate to intermediate/advanced kickboxing and adult karate, we offer all you need to get in shape, increase your confidence, have fun, and build a better you. We have convenient class times to fit almost any schedule, so you can get fit and still have time for your busy lifestyle. We have a large family of certified instructors and assistant instructors to make sure that you get the personal attention you need. We have recently expanded our Lil' Kickers Children's Program and our Karate Summer Camp.

Sensei Liz's Kids Class

     What separates one karate school from another? At Alpha UPKUDO, there are two very important secrets for her success: first is the love of God and one another and secondly our method of building champions in a positive way. UPKUDO's unique style of martial arts was founded by Grand Master Baker who is famous for his outstanding fighting record, being respectful and fair to all people. He took his philosophies and vast experience and taught them to Master Anne, his private student and she is teaching her students at Alpha exactly the same way.

Children's Class

     Alpha's atmosphere places strong emphasis on family unity and teamwork. Each person is appreciated for their uniqueness and what they have to give to the art. We spar (point fight) a lot at Alpha. Sparring gives the students a way to channel their negative energies, face their fears and vent pent up frustrations. Point sparring also teaches the student fairness and interaction with others in addition to building self esteem. The classes are fun and structured to give each student what they need. We focus on the mind, spirit and body to build the total champion in life.

Self Defense Class

     Like many styles we also teach discipline, rules, blocking, kicking, punches, katas (forms), self defense and weapons. The weapons bo and sai are reserved for high ranking students after they have exhibited discipline and self control. There are only 5 belts in UPKUDO with the Kelegion Kai belt as a special belt given to only appointed students who wish to learn how to teach and contribute to their art. No one is ever given a belt because they have money. Belts must be earned.
Some of the Black Belts and Kelegion Kais of Alpha UPKUDO

     At Alpha UPKUDO, we have NO CONTRACTS. We only want people to be here that want to be here and help their dojo family grow. Testing is like a report card with very detailed criteria that must be met. Students and parents of students receive a copy for their review to know what areas need more work. Positive comments are noted of their progress. Students are tested upon their basics and individual growth. All black belts and Kelegion Kais must meet with Grand Master's approval as well as Master and their instructor.
West Gadsden Class

     The instructors are all certified in UPKUDO and some hold fitness certification to help the students should they need a personal trainer. All instructors have been certified in CPR and First Aid. Private lessons and personal training are available by appointment.
Grand Master Baker demonstrates a hook kick.

     Twice a year we have family outings and banquets so everyone in our dojo can invite their family and friends. This gives an opportunity to meet and make new friends. The family picnic in the spring was our largest cookout ever with over 100 attendees and the family banquet and demo show at the end of the year brings in more than 100 people. The students put on a spectacular show for Grand Master and the visitors so they may see the things we do here at Alpha and the subsidiary schools. Self Defense is taught through the year in the classes but also special seminars are held semiannually. Our certified instructors work together as a family in a happy training environment. Alpha builds champions... not just in the ring, as their track record shows with over 1,000 tournament victories and 90 state divisional championships in the last 7 years, but inside with the heart of a champion, the spirit of a warrior and a positive attitude.
     Three to four times a year, Grand Master Baker (The Founder of UPKUDO) teaches a karate seminar at Alpha UPKUDO. Grand Master's seminars are usually two to three hours long and include an extra hour of training at the end for high ranking students. Grand Master Baker's seminars focus mainly on point fighting strategy and techniques. Grand Master's seminars are always a great boost to every student's skills.
Certified Instructors: (* - Additional Certifications)
    Chief Instructor:
  • Master Anne Radke*
    • 6th Degree Black Belt
    • 8 Time Hall of Fame Inductee
    • Master Fitness Instructor
    • Certified Youth Fitness Trainer
    • Certified Nutritionist
    • Certified Kickboxing Instructor

  • Assistant Instructors:
  • Renshi Lisa Roddenberry*
    • 2 Time Hall of Fame Inductee
    • 2nd Degree Black Belt
    • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
    • Certified Kickboxing Instructor
  • Sensei Anthony Reeves
  • Sensei Debbie Tully*
    • Certified Kickboxing Instructor
  • Sensei Liz Tatum*
    • Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Physiology (FSU)
    • Certified in Strength & Conditioning
    • Certified Kickboxing Instructor
  • Sensei Gary Womble
  • Sensei Bryon Dalton
  • Sensei Barnie Ross
  • Ms. Maria Harbin*
    • Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Mr. Jeremy Whatley
  • Mr. Paul Stonecipher
  • Mr. Sammie Hayes
  • Mr. Matt Sexton*
    • Bachelor's of Science in Psychology (FSU)
  • Ms. Kim Streb
  • Ms. Lesley Holt
We Offer:
  • Personal Training
  • Youth Fitness
  • Nutritional Consulting
  • Tournament Training
  • Childrens After School Programs
  • Self Defense Training
  • Kickboxing
  • Grand Master Seminars
  • Children & Adult Classes
  • Lil Kickers Club (ages 3 & up)
     Alpha UPKUDO and all affiliated schools of ALPHA UPKUDO are registered members in good standing with the UPKUDO INTERNATIONAL KARATE FEDERATION.


Words from Black Belt Brandon Keefer on UPKUDO

     The definition of Sensei to me is to be a teacher of the Martial Arts. One who has put the time into studying the arts, learning the arts, living by the principles and philosophies of the arts and then returning all of the knowledge, wisdom, techniques and lessons to those willing to adhere by the lifestyle of the Martial Artist.
     A sense of spirituality overcomes one who wishes to become a Sensei. This spirituality helps guide the Sensei in his ability to teach others with love and patients. A Sensei not only teaches lessons of true form and proper technique but in most cases a Sensei’s role is to teach life lessons such as kindness, love, patience, trust, teamwork, goals, respect, discipline, patience and peace.
     UPKUDO Senseis in your system must have the ability to to teach the mission that “love always wins“ and “positive in is positive out“. Senseis should protect the weak. I believe in those philosophies. I live by those morals everyday and repeatedly teach them in my classes. I am not one that can write countless pages of essays and not fulfill my promises that I have sworn in on oaths. This is real to me. I believe in UPKUDO.
     When I came to the UPKUDO system I defined the standard of Sensei by what I saw and admired in my Renshi. My now Master Anne Radke. And by the honor of Grand Master Gary Lee Baker, the man who had the ambition and ability to form his own Martial Arts system after everyone doubted him. I have taken in several great years of knowledge, wisdom and guidance from those in which I have the up most respect for.
     Black belt humbled me and made me realize that I had only merely been crawling. Now I will begin to learn how to walk. Walk with pride and the confidence in my abilities, rank, teachers and system and my Grand Master. For if I show any doubt it dishonors what I represent. I do not doubt!!!!
     All I know is that I love this system enough to have branded my body with the words UPKUDO. These words I live by. The most important lessons that I have been taught have been by my Master, my Mother, my Friend, Master Anne Radke. She has taught me that you have to focus on your targets to be able to hit your targets. This has proven to be true not only in UPKUDO, but in life as well. She has also taught me courage. That no matter what the circumstance we must always have the courage to go forward even if we feel uncertain. We must always be courageous enough to stand up on the inside. She has taught me respect. Not only respect for our system and other people, but to respect myself. To have the respect for my abilities, my belt, my system and everyone who has helped me achieve it. And last she has taught me honor. And that is the lesson I intend to pass onto every man, woman and child that I come in contact with in regards to not only in our UPKUDO system but in life. Because the way I see it, I have come to die for what I believe in. UPKUDO is not a hobby to me. It is a lifestyle. A way of living that I take great pride in and wish to pass it’s lessons onto anyone seeking knowledge and wisdom.
On May 21st, 2002 The UPKUDO International Karate Federation was assigned document number T12000000860 with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations. The trademark is held by Grandmaster Gary L. Baker. Alpha UPKUDO is a certified school in the UPKUDO International Karate Federation #99-01. Neither Black Lion or Gallop's Karate are associated with UPKUDO. Only the schools listed on this site are recognized as authorized UPKUDO schools.