Exterior View of Dojo
Interior View of Dojo During Construction
The dojo under construction
Everyone worked hard together to build their new dojo. The students drew the illustrations on the wall after Matt and Ursula scanned and finalized them. Renshi Anne and Matt cut vinyl on the main entrance and Matt created his first masterpiece, the main sign outside. Elizabeth and Logan, fondly referred to as "Buffy and Big'un" worked side by side with Renshi Anne and Kelegion Kai Delbert and hammered away hours to make a comfortable place to train.
Our new dojo was a true team effort where students and Senseis united their skills to build a new home for Tallahassee UPKUDO members. Matt scanned photos into the computer and Ursula worked painstakingly on the many images that represent not only the Founder of the System, Grand Master Baker, and the President of the UPKUDO Federation, Master Henry Williams, Chief Instructor Renshi Anne, as well as all of the other Senseis, Kelegion Kais, and the very first students in the new dojo.
Picture of Students
The first Alpha UPKUDO Team: Left to Right (Back) Sensei Allen,
Kelegion Kai Delbert, Kelegion Kai Elizabeth, Lance,
Sensei Zach, Matt, Andrew, Ursula. (Front) Chief Instructor
Renshi Anne, Logan "Big'un"