We offer a variety of children's karate programs for your child ages 5-12. Our children's classes are fun and exciting, and teach your child more than just self defense and karate. Life Skills are also taught such as focus, goal setting and discipline as well as physical, mental, and social development.
     Your child will learn karate skills, including self defense, kata, and competitive point sparring. These skills can help boost your child's confidence and improve their balance, agility, and cardiovascular endurance. Your child will also learn about respect, rules, discipline and good sportsmanship.

Instructors & Assistants

Master Anne Radke

Renshi Lisa

Sensei Liz Tatum

Sensei Barnie Ross

Brandon Keefer

Chris McAllister

     We have more than 20 years experience teaching at Alpha UPKUDO, Lafayette Community Center and Tully’s UPKUDO in Gadsden and Leon County. Our children have grown to be strong, respectful and successful students not only in martial arts but schools as well. If you would like more information on the off location schools we teach at, please contact Master Anne Radke at masteranne@upkudo.com or call 514-4334.

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Lil' Kickers Karate Classes (Ages 5 - 12)

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Alpha UPKUDO and all affiliated schools of ALPHA UPKUDO are registered members

     UPKUDO Karate is not affiliated with Black Lion UPKUDO in Tallahassee or Jacksonville. Grand Master Baker was inducted into the World Hall of Fame and is registered with The World Head of Family Sokeship Council (#930724005). He was established as the Grand Master of the art of UPKUDO for his outstanding accomplishments as a competitor and instructor, as well as his contribution to the Martial Arts world with his unique style called UPKUDO. UPKUDO is also registered with the State of Florida (T12000000860) and has been service marked with the the US Government since 1990.