Congratulations Hall of Fame Inductees and World Champs!!!

Inductees Renshi Anne Radke
and Sensei Lisa Roddenberry
July 24, 2004 marked a day in UPKUDO history for mother and daughter team Renshi Anne Radke and Sensei Lisa Roddenberry, who were both inducted into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame for Woman of the Year and Outstanding Dedication to the Martial Arts.
Later that evening World Champions Sensei Anthony Reeves and Sensei Dillon Hardy not only won their divisions in Black belt Fighting, but defeated all of the division champs for the 2004 Ultimate Sparring World Title at the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame. They declined to fight one another since they both are students of Alpha UPKUDO and instead had their instructor, Renshi Anne Radke, come up to receive the gold cup. A true expression of humility, loyalty, and championshop performance.

Sensei Dillon, Renshi Anne, and Sensei Anthony: 2004 World Champions in Ultimate Sparring

Sensei Dillon Hardy, Renshi Anne Radke, Professor Guerra, and Sensei Anthony Reeves

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