What Others Are Saying About Kickboxing

     I could write volumes about the positive impact Master Anne has had on FBMC in general and me in particular. She has made me aware of good body mechanics so I don't get injured when I work out. She has pushed me physically and taught me that my abilities can exceed my expectations. Her positive attitude makes it a joy to learn from . She is dedicated, warm, caring, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, the list goes on and on. Master Anne is awesome!
Glenda Atkinson
Manager, IT Services
Fringe Benefits Management Company
850-425-6205, ext. 2612
     I am writing this information as a testimony to Master Anne’s commitment to helping ALL OF US become and remain fit, to recognize our greatest potential and when we feel we have reached it - stretch out one more time. I find Master Anne to be extremely versed in all techniques which she demonstrates by actually going through the motions of all we do in class (fitness class). She assists each of us individually as we move through our reps. This is encouraging, ensures we are applying the technique properly to avoid injury and that we get the most out of our work out. At my age (64), I am not easily impressed. Because I am quite active, I was reluctant to take the fitness class she offered. However, I am at least 15 years older than the youngest class member and can hang with the best of them – this in part is due to Master Anne’s encouragement.
     Master Anne also taught my son (Up Ku DO) who is a 30 year old ex Marine and he as well was impressed with her knowledge and ability. It was unfortunate, due to conflicting work schedules (in law enforcement), he could not continue classes with Master Anne but he expressed to me many times how inspiring she was and how that made him look forward to her classes. I could write much more but I will just say that it is difficult today to fine such a well balanced and caring person. Master Anne is the epitome of what we should all strive to be: Knowledgeable of her craft, caring, loving, encouraging, willing to give of herself, spiritual and loads of fun…. A GREAT GAL!
     In closing, Master Anne has encouraged me to believe that you are NEVER TOO OLD to stay fit and to enjoy yourself while doing so… thanks to her I am on a fitness kick, have lost 22 lbs and feel better than I have in years.
Kay K Snead
Facilities Manager
Fringe Benefits Management Company
850/425-6200 Ext: 2501
Master Anne
     You are a constant inspiration to me. Every day you instill in us, your students, the importance of being focused – demonstrating mental and physical toughness, but showing strength with tenderness of heart. It is apparent to me that you are the genuine article – an instructor who sincerely cares about her students and cares that we learn what you are teaching us. You are someone who walks the walk, living the principles you teach, and showing that through faith, hard work, and dedication, much can be accomplished in our lives. Thank you for all you do for all of us at Upkudo.
Kim Jones Department of Highway Safety
Master Anne
     You are a very positive person in general, you have motivated me to work harder and enjoy myself when doing so. I never thought I could enjoy a work out class as much as I do. When you stop teaching – is the day I give up! If everybody taught the way you did the world would be a better place!!! Thanks for all you do... YOU ROCK!!!!!!
Niki Gandy, Kickboxer
Master Anne,
     I had checked into several other places that offered kickboxing and was not impressed with them at all. I called Alpha Upkudo and spoke to you about what you offered, I was very impressed with you and your program I came out to meet you that evening, I even tried out the class that night. Needless to say I have continued and have enjoyed every minute of it. You are very knowledgeable and have taught me a lot, your a very compassionate person and you are passionate about what you do, you care about what you do and all the people that are involved in the Karate and kickboxing programs. You have been a wonderful friend and mentor to me and I appreciate it very much. You have taught me that there are no limitations in life only those we put on ourselves. You are very dedicated and you teach us all to keep pushing on. If there came a time that I could not longer participate in kickboxing I would always say that it was a great experience of my life that I met a lot of wonderful people and that you were very inspirational. I thank you for everything my teacher and my friend.
Stephanie Marshall, Kickboxer 2 years and counting
     Master Anne has taught me so much more than movements and techniques. She goes so far beyond HOW to do the movements. I learned from her the power that goes along with it. I feel more empowered internally than I ever expected would have. She gave me a much improved state of mind that I hope will stay with me forever.
Julie Story, kickboxer
     As a student in Kickboxing class, Master Anne has always provided a warm teaching environment that has instilled positive thinking and encouragement to go above and beyond.
Sabrina Wright
     When I walked into Master Anne's school in 2001, I was over weight, out of shape and had little or no confidence. I did not take belt classes from her because of teaching and other responsibilities. I did not feel I could give it my best at that time. But I ended up staying in her care for over 5 years! I was an obese child until the age of 16 and my weight yo-yo ed up and down until I met Master Anne and her staff. Once I lost the weight and the entire 5 years I was there, I never felt better in my life. My weight stayed the same for 3 years in a row, my last 3 years there (until I had a baby). She is one of the most encouraging and strong teachers I have ever had. I appreciate her vision, and look forward to learning from her again in the near future.
Tammy Pulsifer, kickboxer
     I have been with Master Anne for 3 years. She trains me to be strong and have a positive attitude. She is uplifting and motivates me even when she makes me so tired. She makes me work harder so I don't feel like a little woos. I am proud when she said I was her #1 because I was her first youth student to personally train at the age of 14. She is always nice to me and makes me do my best. I am much stronger now and my dad says he can see the difference in how strong I am getting but that isn't always a good thing because he just gives me more work to do. My big brother used to always pick on me but now he doesn't because I surprise him with the moves she has taught me. She deserves her black belt cause she is tough but nice and loving,
James Harbin, youth fitness
     The most important thing Master Anne has taught me is to never give up. I have tried many times to do exactly that. When my body starts hurting and my brain gets weak, I start thinking of Master Anne and everything she’s been through and the fact that her body and mind hurt too and yet, she gets up every day and faces whatever challenges come her way. Master Anne never gives up, and that gives me the motivation to get up and start living again and to live with hope and determination.
Wendy Hart , Private Student