Dojo Rules

Download Dojo Rules for Adults (PDF)

Download Dojo Rules for Children (PDF)

20 Children's Rules
    All visitors must remain seated & quiet before & during class, and stay in the designated seating area.
  1. Come to class dressed in a clean uniform & wear flip flops for ease of removal.
  2. No food or drink in the dojo, keep it clean.
  3. Line up when the teacher instructs. Go on the floor only when an instructor tells you to- follow all instructions of the instructors.
  4. For respect bow before going in & leaving the dojo and to the teachers.
  5. Be responsible.
  6. Be respectful to everyone.
  7. Be ready to learn- no horseplay.
  8. Be positive and have a good attitude.
  9. Be kind and loving to everyone.
  10. If you have questions, raise your hand to get answers.
  11. Do not break or tear up anything that does not below to you or throw fits.
  12. Do not steal or cheat.
  13. Tell the truth- Do not lie or tattle tail- No talking in class unless asked a question.
  14. Make sure all your gear is in your bag & take it with you.
  15. Honor & obey your father, mother, 7 those who care for you.
  16. Never use your karate outside of the dojo.
  17. Do your homework and don't skip school.
  18. Always do your best- you represent yourself, your family, and your karate family.
  19. Be a good friend and don't start rumors or gossips about anyone.
  20. No bad language, screaming, hitting, or making fun of, or throwing things at anyone.

Dojo Rules for Adults


  1. Bow before entering and leaving the dojo.
  2. Remove shoes for safety, cleanliness, and respect.
  3. Bow when you see high ranks of black belt and instructors.
  4. Always address your upper ranks with the courtesy of "yes or no ma'am or sir,"; whichever is appropriate.
  5. Keep a respectful and positive attitude; Positive Input is Positive Output
  6. Take pride in your appearance - have a clean fresh smelling body.
  7. No talking while the instructor is talking; it is disrespectful.
  8. Respect the dojo and keep it clean. No eating, drinking, chewing gum, smoking, or dipping in the dojo area.
  9. Pick up your trash, papers, and clothing and remove them when you leave.
  10. Respect dojo property-if you borrow gear, put it back on the shelf and clean it when finished using it.
  11. Obey your teacher; pay attention and listen carefully to your teacher; respect your elders.


  1. No horeseplay, running around or misbehaving.
  2. Keep your gear clean and put it in your bag when you are finished
  3. Stretch prior to class to prevent injury; be mentally prepared to learn.
  4. Safety first. Remove jewelry and trim long fingernails and toenails.
  5. Always wear proper safety gear.
  6. Be unselfish, giving and true friend: love always wins.
  7. Be dedicated and sincere about your karate.
  8. Keep your word; Be fair and honest. Do not lie.
  9. Make amends for your wrongs.
  10. Be friendly to your dojo brothers and sisters.
  11. Do not harass others; Always protect the weak.
  12. Never put down others.
  13. Do not harm or injure your fellow students, in word or by actions.
  14. Do not steal, cheat, brag or gossip.
  15. Obey the law. Do not drink alcoholic beverages in excess, never use illegal drugs.
  16. Do not bully or be involved in gangs.
  17. Always do your best; lazy people never succeed.


  1. Wear a clean and pressed uniform with NO wrinkles.
  2. Never touch anyone else's belt without their permission; do not let anyone touch your belt without your permission.
  3. Never let your belt touch the ground.
  4. Do not play in your belt-it is for training only.
  5. No patches unless authorized by the instructor.
  6. Never touch anyone's weapon without permission.
  7. Never test or rank a student without Renshi's permission which has proper certification.

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