The Best Defense is a Great Offense

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     Alpha UPKUDO Martial Arts and Fitness sponsored a seminar community last Tuesday in Personal Safety. With the holidays and travel coming, it is important to learn what you can do to help keep you safe. Master Anne Radke, taught the participants several ways to be aware of their surroundings, how to assess a situation and what description to report to the authorities that would be helpful in the event of an assault or crime committed.

     "Some people are uncomfortable with learning how to kick, block and punch, but your greatest defense is a great offense so use knowledge as your weapon. To empower oneself you must choose your thoughts and behavior such as where to be, how to act, what to say, what to do, with whom to be , what to believe, when to go along, when to resist and whom to trust. These decisions determine your course of action to ensure your personal safety." said Master Radke. For those hesitant in using their own body to protect themselves, she introduced her new line of Personal Safety Devises such as the Home Safety kit, the College Safety Kit, personal alarms to carry along with house and work alarms. Her 20 years of experience has taught her that carrying a gun or knife at all times is not practical or even safe for the untrained. Usually those seeking to harm you are more familiar with weapons than whom they attack. By drawing attention of yelling or pressing an alarm, you could prevent an attack as most bullies or thieves don't like to be seen stealing and doing wrongful deeds. Loud noise, a look that could kill as they say and not acting like a defenseless person ,can send a message to the attacker that you are not the easy target they hoped for.

     Some other tips for safety included:
     1. Be aware and properly trained by a professional
     2. Learn to use your body in ways that will not harm you but could help stop attacks from others
     3. Use "Verbal" de-escalators to lessen a potentially harmful situation
     4. Create proper space when approached
     5. Create barriers and look for escape routes rather than trying prove how tough you are
     6. Carry personal safety devises that will draw attention in the event of a fearful situation or in need of help
     7. Stay in groups when leaving shopping so as not be alone
     8. Use your cell phone for protection not a distraction
     9. Practice assessing exercises to remain sharp in your intuitive senses
     10. Tell someone you trust if you have been violated or threatened

     To schedule a group or personal defense training session,contact Master Anne Radke at 514-4334 or email her at

Master Anne Radke, Master Trainer, 6th Degree Black Belt
1412 FL GA HWY Havana FL 32333
In God We Trust!