What Others Are Saying About Self Defense

     I was attacked a while back and in a very mentally abusive relationship and carried much anger and scaredness inside of me when I first came to Alpha Upkudo, as many people I did not know how to deal with it so I just tried to keep it inside not realizing that it was affecting me in every way. However, after attending kickboxing and a safety seminar with Master Anne Radke she taught me that I am NOT a victim that I have the tools, taught by her, to overcome these fears and obstacles. As my mind is a powerful tool the most powerful tool we have. There are only limitations we set for ourselves out of fear, but that I am strong and in control. Since being at Alpha Upkudo and attending kickboxing I am no longer angry or scared I am strong and happy and I do not allow people to have control over my emotions or reactions.
     Master Ann has helped me and taught me so many wonderful things and lessons to overcome many obstacles through her words and teachings.
     She truly is an inspirational Instructor and absolutely WONDERFUL person.
We love you Master Anne.
Alicia Steffen
Attending Alpha Upkudo since Jan 2008