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     To sign up for classes, simply fill out our Student Registration Form (available in Adobe PDF Format), and fax it to (850) 514-4335.

     On May 21st, 2002 The UPKUDO International Karate Federation was assigned document number T12000000860 with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations. The trademark is held by Grandmaster Gary L. Baker. Alpha UPKUDO is a certified school in the UPKUDO International Karate Federation #99-01.


(850) 514-4334


(850) 514-4334


(850) 574-0587
(850) 574-3806

Reeves Academy

(727) 864-9766

(850) 514-4334


To sign up for our classes, simply download the student registration form (available in Adobe PDF format), print the form, fill it out and fax it to (850) 514-4335 you may also choose to bring the form in to us in person if you would like. To download Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, go to

Alpha UPKUDO Student Registration Form (PDF) / Dojo Rules

If you have any questions about classes or signing up, please contact Master Anne at or call (850)514-4334.
     UPKUDO is registered with the State of Florida T12000000860 and service marked with the the US Government since 1990. Alpha UPKUDO # 99-01 and all affiliated schools of UPKUDO are registered members in good standing with the UPKUDO INTERNATIONAL KARATE FEDERATION. Those professing they are UPKUDO schools or associations and do not bear the registration number with Grand Master Bakerís signature are not recognized. Any use of the name is a copyright infringement and will be in violation.
     UPKUDO Karate is not affiliated with Black Lion UPKU DO in Tallahassee or Jacksonville. Grand Master Baker was inducted in the World Hall of Fame and is registered with The World Head of Family Sokeship Council #930724005 and established as the Grand Master of the art of UPKUDO for his outstanding accomplishments as a competitor and instructor as well as his contribution to the Martial Arts world with his unique style called UPKUDO.