Yoga Stretches

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Yoga stretches are a great way to relax. Here are some basic ones:

Stand up and place your right foot on a low bench or chair. Bend your right knee and lunge forward to stretch the hamstring muscles and open the hips, a place where everyone stores tension. Straighten your leg and lower your head for a more challenging stretch. Repeat with the left leg.

Sit on a chair, bend forward over both legs, and drop your head down to stretch your back. This symbolizes letting go of the past.

Lie down on your back with your hands at your side. Bend your knees, and bring your feet toward your pelvis so that they are in line with your knees and shoulders. Be sure to keep your shoulders down and your back long, not swayed, as you open the front of your hips.

Sit up and reach your right arm over your head for a side stretch. Repeat the movement with your left arm.

Raise your left arm over your head and bend your hand and fingers toward your back, holding the left elbow with your right hand. Gently add pressure to open the armpit. Repeat with the right arm.

Finally, roll and circle your head to release neck tension.

Estimated time of fix: 15 minutes