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Bully Prevention

Every person deserves the right to feel safe. That feeling comes from within. Through knowledge of how to be aware of your surrounding, the ability to assess a situation and the choice of which action to take in each circumstance creates a safer personal environment. Many people teach self defense as I do in my UPKUDO karate classes but there are times when people do not want the martial arts nor feel they can perform the techniques.

My personal safety training is designed to work with people of all ages regardless of ability. For those who are elderly or have physcial restrictions, there are ways to help you remain safe. There is no "perfect" self defense move only the ones that work for you and that makes it very personal. "Perfect" or "best" self defense is the one that works that you can perform!

Growing up, I was always afraid and had little control of the ways things unfolded. When I became an adult some choices and situations were not healthy for me to be in. Through knowledge and Gods guiding hand, I learned how the three aspects I teach can help prevent someone from being in a situation that is not favorable and help them make better decisions in how they choose to deal with their attacker. The power lies not in the hands of your mental or physical attacker but rather in us.

In my seminars you will learn different ways of thinking and actions to take. I speak and teach from personal experience of what it feels like to be beaten, raped and abused by those who were suppose to love me. In my former marriage and workplace, I was the target of someone's else's anger and insecurities. There is hope for those who wish to free themselves from the bondage of abuse and painful experiences.

I am not a doctor nor do I think people should forego seeing those professionally trained to deal with the damages inflicted on them. However, I do feel that by being taught by a person who has evolved from being a victim to a victor, can help shed light on the way you see things. It creates hope and plants the seed of security that grows as knowledge grows.

Perspectives are sometimes distorted. And truth often times is hidden so deep in the heart, it has a hard time coming to the surface. Compassion is what I developed for people, not judging, courage, not fear, and love that can only come from God that heals all wounds.

This website has been developed to help those who are hurting and prove that while the odds may seem to be against you, we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us. I pray that every hurting or fearful soul reaps benefits from reading this site. I realize that some are too embarrassed or ashamed to ever go to someone in person or participate in a training session because that is the way I was for many years. Hopefully the articles located under Articles that God has laid on my heart to write will help you.

If you have a group that needs or wants the personal safety training, click here for an outline of what will be taught and contact or call 850-566-4544 to schedule a session. Fees are based on location and length of training you desire.

Adults Need to Help Stop Bullying

Every seven minutes a child in the United State is bullied but only four in one hundred adults will intervene. Eleven percent of the child’s peers might do the same. That leaves 85% that will do nothing about it.

Most of the youth in U.S. public schools, who do not identify with a single race are targets. If you or someone you know has ever been bullied, you know that it lowers self-esteem and makes it harder to fit in socially.

While 7% of the parents are worried about cyberbullying, it is actually 33% of teens who have been cyberbullied. When you think of the one million children who were harassed or threatened on Facebook during this past year, it gives you more of an idea how big a problem bullying is.

Eighty-six percent of the teens say bullying makes them turn to lethal violence in schools. It is no wonder why 160,000 children miss school every day because they are afraid of being attacked by other students.

If the child is obese, gay or has a disability, they are 63% more likely to be bullied. Peers see them as different because they wear glasses or wear different clothing. They are not one of the cool kids.

Like in nature, the powerful are keen in perceiving if their prey is weak, depressed, anxious or unable to defend themselves. So, what does a bully act like? They are generally aggressive, frustrated, have issues at home, think badly of others, don’t follow rules, think violence is funny and are associated with others who bully people. They are always looking for the power imbalance.

Why is it important to know these facts? Twelve out of fifteen school shooters in the 1990s had a history of being bullied. Youth using alcohol and drugs, fighting, tearing up property and dropping out of school, can lead to criminal convictions. Bullies are usually involved early in sexual activity and are likely to become abusive to their partners.

While bullying is not the main cause, it does contribute to depression when the victim is not supported. When you think of the 60% of middle school students who say they have been bullied, the staff only believes that 16% actually are.

Thirty percent of the students say they have been bullied and at times brought a weapon to school. An alarming 20% of the high school students say they have seriously considered suicide within the last twelve months. When bullying occurs at school the students say that staff intervenes 25% of the time but teachers say they intervene 71% of the time. If there is an anti-bullying program in the school, the incident rate is reduced to 50%.

Is it what our children are watching on TV with 8,000 televised murders and 100,000 acts of violence before the student even finishes elementary school affecting them?

Adults can help stop bullying by listening to the children, stop aggressive behavior when they see it, limit the amount of violent TV shows they watch and lastly get involved in the schools to support the efforts to stop bullying.

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Master Anne Radke
7th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor
Life Coach and Teacher in Gadsden County