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On May 21st, 2002 The UPKUDO International Karate Federation was assigned document number T12000000860 with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations. The trademark is held by Grandmaster Gary L. Baker. Alpha UPKUDO is a certified school in the UPKUDO International Karate Federation #99-01. Neither Black Lion or Gallop's Karate are associated with UPKUDO. Only the schools listed below are recognized as authorized UPKUDO schools.

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     The UPKUDO International Karate Federation was founded by 9th Dan Grand Master Gary L. Baker, fondly known to the fight world as the "Human Tornado". He is registered with The World Head of Family Sokeship Council #930724005. Grand Master Baker was inducted into the World Hall of Fame in 1993 and established as the Grand Master of the art of UPKUDO for his outstanding accomplishments as a competitor and instructor as well as his contribution to the Martial Arts world with his unique style.

     Several times a year, Grand Master Baker instructs karate seminars at Alpha UPKUDO. His seminars a focus mainly on point fighting strategy and technique. Grand Master's seminars are always a tremendous learning experience for everyone who attends. Grand Master's seminars usually last two hours, with an additional third hour for the high rank students, although Grand Master often extends the length of his seminars because of his love for teaching and his love for his students.

     Grand Master Baker is affiliated with Grand Masters and Masters world wide. Some of the great competitors you may recognize are, in no particular order: Grand Master Pachevas, Grand Master Sanchez, Grand Master Pack, Master Henry Williams, "Superfoot" Bill Wallace, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Chuck Norris, Mike Green, Tony Young, Joe Hess, Mike McCoy, Donna Judge, Stan "The Man", Mike Sawyer, Pete Cunningham, Kevin Thomas, Steve Shepard, James Cisco, Mike Smith, Manny Caberas, James "The Widow Maker" Warren

     In addition to teaching champions and instructors over the years, Grand Master Baker has achieved numerous accomplishments. Below are just a few:
  • Developed the martial arts karate style of UPKUDO in 1974
  • Inducted into the Grand Master World Hall of Fame in 1993
  • Registered the approved art of UPKUDO in 1993
  • Ranked #3 in the world of Light Heavy Weight Kickboxing Champion
  • Hall of Fame Top Male Instructor of the Year
  • Top Grand Master Instructor of the Year in 1994
  • National Champion Fighter 1984
  • Olympic Point Karate Champion Fighter
  • #1 Seed of the US Open
  • 3 Time Light Heavy Weight Karate Champion
  • Hall of Fame Top Male Fighter of the Year
  • Middle Weight Champion in Point Karate

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Master Anne Radke is one the few women who has built her own karate school, Alpha UPKUDO Karate & Fitness in 1999 after teaching at Lafayette Community Centers since 1992. Master Anne named her school "Alpha" as a testimony that she puts God first in every aspect of her life. She has trained thousands of students.

In 2008 she founded the 501(c)(3) non profit A Better Body organization to educate persons needing health and safety training. Her focus since 2000 has been on the holistic approach to healing. Her students have won over 4,568 trophies, 384 district championships, and one World Title. Her karate team demonstrates at community events.

Master Anne is the founder and Executive Director of A Better Body and 7th Degree Black Belt Master in UPKUDO. In 2004 she was appointed President of the UPKUDO International Karate Federation. Master Anne is a Certified as a Master Fitness Trainer, REAL Essentials Life Coach, Senior and Youth Fitness Specialist, Sports Nutritionist, and created the ABB4Me for mental and physical health, Victors not Victims, and Stand Up To Bullies programs. She is a Mental Health & Personal Development Consultant.

Teaching experience spans over 28 years and she has received many letters of commendation from the Gadsden County School Board, Senator Rick Scott, House of Representative Alan Williams, Department of Health, Gadsden Health Council and many others for her work in the community.

Honors in Martial Arts include from 2000 to :

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Alpha UPKUDO Karate and Fitness was founded in 1999 in Tallahassee FL. The school has become the main office for the UPKUDO International Karate Federation which was started by Grand Master Gary Baker, the man who founded the style of UPKUDO.

Over the years our competition team has won over 4,250 trophies, 250 division titles and one World Title. Our students range from ages 4 up to adults. We have an on going philosophy that there is no age in UPKUDO. Once you start identifying yourself as a number you fall into the traps of either : not old enough or too old to do something. Therefore all UPKUDO students train with the positive mindset of " Love Always Wins" and "Positive In is Positive Out." Both these philosophies are Grand Master mottos he lives by and has taught them to me and I teach them to my students. But there is more to our style of karate than winning trophies.

The power of UPKUDO comes from family and love. Loyalty means a lot to members of UPKUDO especially at Alpha. The school was created to not only honor Grand Master Baker but to have a place where traditional karate can flourish without getting caught into the debates of other styles. I am a Christian and while I do not preach in the classroom, the life values of honor, love, loyalty, and respect are taught to all those who attend.

As a 7th Degree Master Instructor and student for over years with Grand Master, I have seen thousands come through the doors and still happy to say some who started with us still remain since the school was started. Those who have moved out of town or the country still remain loyal to UPKUDO. Once you are family -you are always family. My reward comes when a young adult comes up to me and says I remember when you taught me.....They are grown now but they still remember the lessons.

Self Defense has always been my first love in karate. I teach personal safety seminars and stop bullying seminars to many people each year. A lot of people just want to know how to protect themselves and not really want to train in karate. Children need to know they have the right to stand up for themselves when being picked on but never to be rude or disrespectful to others. Life is so crazy, things get out of balance. It is in discovering your strengths , your weaknesses and how to balance your life, that happiness can take root.

Another precious moment is when you see a student's eyes light up because they learn something about themselves. I never grow tired of hearing the little ones say "I love me" and the adults "I am happy with who I have become". Then I know they are truly discovering the way of UPKUDO. True traditional karate heals, not kills and preserves life. Alpha UPKUDO Karate, a journey of one in the martial arts way to discover life and how to enhance the lives of others.

Chief Instructor - Master Anne Radke

Picture of Master Anne
  • 7th Degree Master Instructor
  • President of the UIKF
  • Life Coach
  • Personal Safety Specialist
  • 8 Time Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Master Fitness Instructor
  • Senior Fitness Instructor
  • Aqua Zumba Instructor
  • Youth Fitness Trainer
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Kickboxing Instructor

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Lafayette UPKUDO is located in the Lafayette Community Center. Master Anne originally started teaching classes at Lafayette in 1992. Classes are currently taught by Sarah Warren.

Students pay the Community Center for Dues but must purchase a uniform from Alpha UPKUDO. Each student is eligible to test for an additional fee and are allowed to participate in a tournament provided they have their own mouthguard, cup and supporter through Alpha UPKUDO and have purchased an UPKUDO Federation patch. The center buys sparring gear from Alpha when needed.

Classes are held every Tuesday from 4:30-6:30 for ages 6 years to Adult. Located in the Lafayette Community Center at 501 Ingleside Avenue, Tallahassee FL 32301. For more information contact the Federation office at 850-514-4334 or email .

Children's Rules

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Margie and Heather Baker Foundation

Margie Baker Scholarship Fund Margie Baker and her family believe in helping others, especially those who are disadvantaged. It is their desire that all children have access to resources to help them grow as individuals and become successful. With the scholarship fund, no child is turned away because of their inability to pay so they can learn valuable life skills, respect, discipline, self confidence and have access to ways they can get healthier and reduce stress. The mental health support students receive from attending programs such as Alpha UPKUDO Karate, Victors Not Victims Self Defense, Stand Up to Bullies and REAL Essentials Life Skills all work together to educate, equip and empower the participants. These programs are funded in part by the Margie Baker Scholarship Fund.

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