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Karate and Fitness Programs

ABB 4 Me
Please call 850-514-4334 for more information on our Karate and Fitness Programs

Senior Training
$10 per person in groups of 10 or more per class, or schedule one on one training for only $30 per half (1/2) hour with a qualified 30+ years' experience instructor.

Personal training is:

  1. Based on your individual needs and goals.
  2. Working with a certified experienced instructor who works with people with medical conditions.
  3. Having your questions answered and informed of the proper way to do the techniques.

What things will I do?

Why should I work out with a trainer?

Improve health problems or prevent them, like brittle bones, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stiff aching joints slow the aging process, lose weight or gain strength, improve self-confidence, sleep better, make wiser choices in eating, feel better about yourself, have more energy.