Alpha UPKUDO. God gives us the talent, we put forth the effort!
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20 Children's Rules

No food or drink in the karate school (applies to students, families and visitors).
Please keep phones silenced. Take conversations outside, especially at testing times.
All visitors please remain seated & quiet before & during class and stay in the designated seating area.

  1. Come to class dressed in a clean uniform. Leave shoes and socks outside by the bench.
  2. No food or drink in the dojo, keep it clean. Wipe off the restroom handles you touch.
  3. Sanitize your hands before going on the floor. Line up when the teacher tells you to.
  4. Bow before entering & leaving the dojo and before you step on the matts.
  5. Be responsible-do not put trash on the ground inside or outside the dojo.
  6. Be respectful to everyone-we say yes/no ma'am or yes/no sir to show RESPECT.
  7. Be ready to learn-no horseplay, when you come on the floor before class STRETCH.
  8. Be positive and have a good attitude. Be thankful.
  9. Be kind and loving to everyone-USE CONTROL in self defense and sparring.
  10. Bow to the teachers. Raise your hand if you have questions.
  11. No leaving the karate floor. Going to the bathroom must be done before or after class.
  12. Do not steal or cheat. When you make a mistake, say you're sorry, make up for it.
  13. Tell the truth - Do not lie or tattle tail-No talking in class unless asked a question.
  14. Make sure all your gear is in your bag & take it with you and clean it.
  15. Respect your parents and caregivers, they made it possible for you to train in karate.
  16. Never use your karate outside of the dojo, unless defending yourself.
  17. Do your homework and don't skip school. Failing is a lack of discipline.
  18. Always do your best- you represent yourself, your family and your karate family.
  19. Be a good partner- not hitting too hard. Work together so both of you can learn.
  20. No cussing, screaming, hitting, or making fun of or outburst of anger.

Penalty for Breaking the Rules

  1. Pushups or Time Out or Removed from Class
  2. Sentence Writing 10, 25, 50, 100, 250
  3. Belt removal by Master Anne for a period of time if 1 & 2 fails to correct the behavior

The Meaning of UPKUDO

UP - To UPwardly increase and improve
K - Karate is the art of fighting using all means of the body for self defense open hand, no weapon
U - Unique, being the only one
DO - To DO over

Grand Master Gary L. Baker
9th Degree, Founder of UPKUDO

Master Anne Radke
7th Degree, President of UIKF, Chief Instructor

My Teachers are:

Renshi Debbie Tully - Monday
Sensei Brandon Keefer - Monday

Renshi Liz Tatum - Wednesday
Mr. Josey Visnovske - Wednesday