Alpha UPKUDO. God gives us the talent, we put forth the effort!
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4,075 trophies since 1999!



Wheeles Karate Academy 3rd Annual Beach Brawl ~ October 6, 2018
Name Kata Fighting Self Defense Weapons
Renshi Debbie 1st 1st Women 2nd
Sensei Justin 2nd 4th 1st 3rd
Sensei Geremy 3rd 1st
Tournament Participants

31st Annual Sunshine Classic Open Tournament ~ September 8, 2018
Name Kata Fighting Weapons Musical Kata
Sensei Geremy Gerald
Grand Champion Black Belt
1st, Black Belt 2nd, Mens Black Belt 1st, Black Belt 1st, Black Belt
Sensei Justin English 2nd, Men's Black Belt 2nd, Men's Black Belt
Landyn Hallmark 3rd, Youth Green Belt 3rd, Youth Green Belt
Gaeb Malicz Finalist, Youth Red Belt Finalist, Youth Red Belt
Tyler Womble 2nd, Youth Yellow Belt
Luke Womble 2nd, Teen Yellow Belt 3rd, Teen Yellow Belt
Timothy Frances 3rd, Youth Yellow Belt 1st, Youth Yellow Belt
Tournament Participants

6th Annual Florida Gateway Challenge ~ June 9, 2018
Name Kata Fighting Weapons
Geremy Gerald 1st, Black Belt 2nd, Black Belt 1st, Black Belt
Daniel Boydston 1st, Black Belt over 30 1st, Black Belt over 30 1st, Black Belt over 30
Justin English 1st, Black Belt 1st, Black Belt under 18
3rd, Black Belt over 18
1st, Black Belt Open Weapons
Tournament Participants

29th Annual Gainesville Challenge ~ March 10, 2018
Alpha UPKUDO located in Havana, Florida competed in the 29th Gainesville Challenge with ten students bringing home nineteen more victories. The results have brought the trophy count to 4,018. Alpha UPKUDO focuses on the importance of teamwork, self -worth, discipline and respect. Their classes have students as young as four years old. Some parents train with their children to strengthen the family bond. On April 28th, they will be conducting the Warrior 10 Sparring Challenge. Proceeds help benefit St Judes Children's Hospital and A Better Body nonprofit. Anyone interested in sponsoring a child for the event can contact or call 514-4334 for more information.
Name Kata Fighting Weapons
Geremy Gerald 1st, Black 1st, Black
Elijah Breedlove 1st, Yellow 1st, Yellow
Justin English 2nd, Black 3rd, Black
Dresden Warren 1st, Red 9-10 Years 2nd, Black 9-10 Years
Victoria Campbell 4th, Yellow 1st, Yellow
Carl Warren 2nd, Black Executive 2nd, Black Executive
John Stallworth 2nd, Green, Men 2nd, Green, Men
Sarah Aperauch 3rd, Green, Women 2nd, Green, Women
Landyn Hallmark 3rd, Yellow 9-10 4th, Yellow 9-10 Years
Maddox Warren 4th, 5-6 Years
Tournament Participants
Carl Warren, Master Anne Radke, Sensei Geremy Gerald, John Stallworth, Dresden Warren, Sensei Justin English, Kole Aperauch, Sensei Bryon Dalton, Mary Elizabeth English, Victoria Campbell, Maddox Warren and Sarah Aperauch