Alpha UPKUDO. God gives us the talent, we put forth the effort!
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Alpha UPKUDO School of Champions!

UPKUDO Schedule

1412 FL GA HWY, Havana FL 32333
850-514-4334 | |

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Due to Covid classes are reduced to just Monday and Wednesday till further notice

Monday 6-7pm Karate ages 4 years old and up

Wednesday 6-7pm Karate all ages

Monthly Karate Classes

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Karate Special

Karate Special Flyer. Text follows: School of Champions! Alpha UPKUDO Karate and Self Defense. 1412 Florida Georgia Highway, Havana, Florida. 850-514-4334. Students ages six years to adult learn respect, discipline, self-control, manage stress, have fun, get in shape, and work together as a team all in a supportive and positive atmosphere. Students and visitors may wear a mask but it is not mandatory. We do not have restrooms open for public use due to COVID prevention cleaning. Use the restroom before you come. A karate special of fifty dollars is available for new students. Karate special is fifty-five to sixty dollars with uniform. No contracts. Classes are Monday and Wednesday from six to seven p.m. Capital Health Plan reimbursement is available. A Better Body scholarships will remain to help reduce costs as long as we are able to have the support.l