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UPCOMING SEMINAR ► 9/26: Personal Safety and Self Defense ► CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS!
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Latest Updates
June 2nd, 2022

Sensei’s Brandon Keefer, Justin English and Daniel Boydston all passed their 2nd Degree Black Belt tests on May 11, 2022

Master Anne Radke promoted to 7th Degree Black Belt PhD in Martial Arts. March 22, 2022 pictured with Grand Master Gary Baker

Sarah Warren class at Lafayette UPKUDO promoted May 2022 carrying on the tradition. Since 1992 Master Anne and her students have been teaching for over 30 years.

Three pictures: class photo with 2nd Degree blackbelts, picture of Master Anne and Grandmaster Baker, group shot of Lafayette UPKUDO class

2022 Personal Safety Victors not Victims Seminar
May 25, 2022

Personal Safety Victors not Victims Seminar participants learned the 3 As of self defense Awareness, Assessment and Action. Participants learned to get out of chokes, grabs and different attacks. Pictures and videos are on Alpha UPKUDO's Facebook Page.

We also have now 40 enrolled students in the ABB 4ME program which teaches UPKUDO karate and the cognitive, emotional and social aspects of mental health. This program started in May 2021 with 7 students and has grown significantly due to the success of covering topics and activities to strengthen the family and help all feel accepted loved and included.
  1. Respect for self and others
  2. Self-confidence and self-control
  3. Stress reduction, physical activity
  4. How to ask questions and express themselves properly
  5. How to relax when upset
  6. Problem solving skills
  7. Following rules and instruction from instructors
  8. Flexibility and balance
  9. Recognizing their strengths
  10. How to deal with rude mean and bully behavior/learn self-defense
  11. Receive praise and encouragement
  12. Teambuilding/working with a partner
Group photos from recent classes