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Since 2006 we have been teaching REAL Essentials Life Skills, UPKUDO Karate, Bully Prevention, Personal Safety and ABB4Me at our facility located at Alpha UPKUDO Karate 1412 FL GA HWY Havana FL 32333 AND at: Please see below what others are saying about our programs. You can also read our reviews on Google!

Reginald James

As superintendent of Gadsden County Schools in Florida from 2004 to 2016, the A Better Body Programs were an outstanding addition to our in school and after school curriculum. The UPKUDO karate classes taught our students responsibility and discipline and the REAL Essentials Life Skills classes provided our students lessons on citizenship and employability.

The newest program ABB 4Me combines the two outstanding programs into one. In tracking these programs we found that students who attended the A Better Body Programs showed marked improvements in their academics as well as in school behavior.

A major part of the success of these programs can be attributed to their instructor Ms. Anne Radke, whose energy, passion, professionalism and dedication to her students was exceeded by no one. I believe her ability to excel as an instructor in these unique programs, which have positively impacted the lives of students, makes her an excellent candidate for this grant award.

Reginald James
Superintendent of Gadsden County Schools

Clarence and Patricia Tennell

To whom it may concern:
Re: Anne Radke

My husband and I have been training with Anne for one year. This has been and is a great training experience. I am stronger and more energetic. I am healthier at this point , which was my ultimate goal. For example when tracking my numbers, my LDL cholesterol has decreased at least 50 points. My HDL has increased 20 points. My A1c has changed from 6.8 to 5.8, which is amazing.

Anne stresses the full mind and body experience , as well as a change in attitude for exercise and diet. She knows the anatomy and physiology of the human body and therefore able to work with any body type , age and condition. She is always encouraging , organized and detailed. We highly recommend Anne for any training needs.

Dr. Patricia Tennell

Roger P. Milton

Pamela Harrison-Tribue

Paul Knoll

Brian Tease

Gadsden County Chamber of Commerce

Gadsden Community Health Council

Gadsden Community Health Department

Gadsden County Superintendent of Schools

Boys and Girls Club of the Big Bend