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Fitness Training

We work several ways to test your fitness levels.
  1. We go by the Presidential Standards for testing (strength, cardio and flexibility)
  2. Use calipers and scale for body fat calibration
  3. Tape measure
In initial private training we record your starting levels then every 3 months re-test. In this way we can adjust where needed to give you the best results.

A food log is recommended for 3 -7 days to help get an idea of your food choices and intake levels.

For over 20 years our trainers have worked with hundreds who wish to get in better shape, learn how to defend themselves and change their thinking to living a healthier lifestyle. The rates and hours are flexible to best suit your needs.

With a Personal Trainer you will be pre and post tested in flexibility, strength and cardio so progress can be measured. You and your trainer will set goals to help you get the results you want.

Families in Training Together

Alpha UPKUDO karate classes boost confidence, improve fitness, and cements famility bonds. When one achieves & succeeds in their work, school or karate goals, everyone is supportive and happy for them. At Alpha UPKUDO karate, students work together while helping each other achieve goals and personal growth. You can help motivate, encourage, and enjoy each others company. Alpha UPKUDO also has family discounts. So don't just sit in the chair watching classes, come and join the family.

Families in Training Together: